amai-miruku said: hey I accidentally deleted bundyisms but I just recreated would you mind refollowing me sorry D;

Done, everyone else should refollow too (:

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"only accept friend requests from people you really know"

do we REALLY know anyone, facebook? do we? REALLY?

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r u ever like damn i hate my body but then ur like life is an illusion i’m floatin around on a rock trapped in an orbit around a ball of flame in a vast & largely unknown universe where death is unescapable who gives a shit ???

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Anonymous said: okay now you have to explain. your mom met jeffrey dahmer?? D:


Ok gather ‘round! True crime story time!

Well my parents were living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the same time Jeff was. My mom worked right by the chocolate factory he worked at as well, which according to her had “The best chocolate ever. Oh My God." She went there every week. She also says, "Don’t judge." Anyways she also constantly went to the mall he picked up some young men from, The Grand Avenue Mall. Now, I’ll just let her type out what happened..

After work it was common for me to drop by the mall to pick up dinner.  This mall is located in the heart of downtown.  So one cold night (as there are many in Milwaukee) I decided to go by and pick up some soup from the food court.  I got on the elevator to go to the food court and there was Jeff.  He smiled shyly and there was a younger guy with him. I said, “Hi, wow it is so cold outside!”  He said, “It seems like it is always that way here.”  I said, “Oh I know right…and the snow…dear lord the snow is overwhelming!”  He smiled and said “It never goes away.”  I am very friendly and speak with great enthusiasm and he spoke quietly and softly, never making eye contact.The young man with him looked vacant as if he had checked out.  When I got to the level for the food court I got out and said, “Stay warm!” He smiled and said “Yeah you too…” After that I would see him occasionally at the mall and I would smile and he would kinda smile.  We never talked again only acknowledge each other. Then in July of that year I was watching the news and I recognized the guy from the mall.

How incredible is that? 



I wandered around the cemetery, driven by the notion that Dylan Klebold might be buried there in an unmarked grave. In fact, I came across a fresh grave that had no marking—not even the temporary flower holder like those that adorned Rachel’s and Corey’s graves. But it…

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i’m so baked